About Americano coffee


What is an Americano Coffee?

An Americano Coffee is an Espresso-based coffee drink with no special additions. Actually it is a shot of Espresso with hot water poured in it. A well-prepared Americano has the subtle aroma and flavour like Espresso. Benefits of Americano Coffee it has a lighter body and less bitterness.

How to make an Americano Coffee:

Americano coffee is made then boiling water (about 180 ml) is added in a cup with a shot of Espresso. In Double Americano is used a double-shot of Espresso. Ofcourse with water you can create different strengths of coffee. The main difference between Americano and Long Black coffee is crema. Thats why it is important to put hot water into Espresso not ontherwise because if you put Espresso into hot water the cream will remain, if you put hot water on top of Espresso the will be no cream remaining.

An Americao coffee can be made from all kinds of coffee beans even those that are not associated with Espresso (Ethiopian or Sumatran origins).

About Americano coffee:

There is a story that for the first time the Americano coffee was made in the battlefield of World War II by American soldiers in Europe. They just poured hot water into the coffee they were given. Later this type of coffee became very popular in the USA. Some others believe that Americano was created in Europe or in the United States just as a weaker type of coffee.

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