About Black coffee


The history. About Black Coffee:

By the legend of Kaldi, coffee trees in the Ethiopian highland grows for centuries. The legend says that that Kaldi discovered coffee by an accident. He noticed that his goats, after eating berries from one certain tree, became very spirited and did not want to sleep all night. Kaldi told about his findings to the abbot of the local monastery. The abbot made some experiments with the berries and noticed the energizing effects. He started making the drink from those berries and give it to the monk as they would not fall asleep during the night prayers. The knowledge began to spread not only in the monastery, but far away. The big coffee journey to the eastern world began then the coffee reached the Arabian peninsula.

These days coffee is grown in a many different countries around the world – Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the islands of the Caribbean or Pacific and the Ethiopian plateau.

How to make Black Coffee:

The simplest way to prepare black coffee is jus to pour boiling water on the ground coffee. Benefits of Black Coffee that there are many different recipes how to prepare it. Probably the most well-known is made with cardamom (cafe im hel) origins from Israel. Cardamon is ground with the beans, or added in an already ground coffee. This recipe of coffee is traditional in all Middle-East where are many different recipes of Black Coffee with spices. Black coffee usually is served with no milk.

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