About Cappuccino coffee


What Is Cappuccino Coffee?

Cappuccino coffee is made with shot of espresso and steamed milk. Actually, Cappuccino is one of the most difficult coffee drinks to make right and requires good skills of the one who makes it.

How to make Cappuccino Coffee?

Cappuccino is made by swirling steamed milk over the cup with the shot of espresso. Usually a layer of milk foam covers the entire drink. Cappuccino coffee can be dusted with cinnamon, cocoa or chocolate before serving. On the foam of milk baristas creates a small piece of art – leaves, swirls, flowers and other ornaments. Ceramic cup is chosen to hold the heat, and the open bowl allows the drinker to taste the flavor of the drink.

Traditional Cappuccino is quite strong and it is served at breakfast, but it can be offered all day long. Benefits of Cappuccino Coffee that there are some variations with this drink – it can be made with varying ratios of milk and coffee in the drink to create wet, white, dry or dark cappuccino coffee and even with chilled milk to create a cool drink (Cappuccino Fredo).

Short history. About Cappuccino Coffee:

It is said that the origins of cappuccino is lies in Italy and this coffee is named after the Capuchin order of friars. They traditionally wore brown habits which are very similar with a cappuccino in color.

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