About Espresso coffee


What is Espresso Coffee?

For the first time the name of Espresso Coffee was mentioned around 1900. In italian it means a cup of coffee brewed expressly for you.

How to make Espresso Coffee?

Talking about Espresso Coffee it is important to mention that the most important thing is the preparation process. Correctly brewed espresso is made using a pump-driven or lever operated espresso machine. Any type of beans can be used for making a good espresso coffee. The blend does not make coffee espresso as well, but there are few espresso blends from illy, Lavazza and Segafredo. The roast of espresso varies from region to region and any type of roast can be used to make a good cup of coffee. Espresso Coffee could be roasted lightly, medium or dark as well – the roast is only a matter of taste.

Espresso machines are generally electric “moka” style machines that uses steam pressure to force water through the ground coffee. True espresso machines are pump-driven or lever operated.

Well brewed espresso will feature a layer of rich dark golden cream, called cream on the surface which is one of the indictors of a quality espresso.

Benefits of Espresso Coffee is that drinking coffee can be made as a ritual. It is very important breathing in the aroma while holding the cup and saucer, and then drinking the entire coffee in 3 or 4 quick gulps.

Great espresso is a joy to drink without anything added, but there is no shame in adding sugar in it.

The history of espresso machine:

In 1901 the first steam driven Espresso machine Tipo Gigante was patented by Luigi Bezzera. Later, in 1905, Desidero Pavoni bought Bezzera’s patent and the machine was brought into market as the Pavoni Ideale. These espresso machines were like modern moka style brewers. First modern espresso machine was made in 1947 by Gaggia. He revolutionized the industry with the first machine which was capable of producing high pressure to create Espresso. The machine Crema Caffe actually gave birth for Italys espresso culture.

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