About Flat White coffee


What is a Flat White Coffee?

This type of coffee drink is prepared with shot of Espresso and milk, like Latte and it is very similar to it. The main difference between these two is the ratio of milk and Espresso – Flat White has less milk and less foam on top than Latte, so Flat White looks like a Latte without foam. So if you do not like foam, this is most important benefit of Flat White Coffee.

How to make a Flat White Coffee?

In some cases Flat White is just a small Late, but in others it is a very different drink. Flat White has a small foam, it is usually served medium size (bigger than a Macchiato, but smaller than a Latte), Flat White has double shot of Espresso coffee so milk does not dominate and there is no layer separation between liquid coffee and foam in Flat White. One more difference between Latte and Flat White is that Flat White is served in ceramic cup while Latte is served in Latte glass. Talking about Flat White Coffee important to mention that the secret of good coffee is in the quality of beans which are used to make espresso base and in the texture of milk which is heated around 60-70 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, taste of milk changes.

This kind of coffee is originating from New Zeland and Australia. In New Zeland Flat White is made with double shot of espresso while in Australia only with one.

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