About Irish coffee


What is Irish Coffee?

It is an alcoholic cocktail made with a special recipe using a very good quality ingredients. Do not know how to make Irish Coffee? Most important to use a good quality cream, strong shot of Espresso, Irish Whiskey and sugar. Benefits of the Irish Coffee:  it is a delicious cocktail with a slightly alcohol in it.

The history of Irish Coffee:

About Irish Coffee we may talk a lot. Important to mention that historically Irish Coffee was invented in 1952, then Jack Koeppler challenged Stanton Delaplane to re-create “Irish Coffee” which was served at Shannon Airport in Ireland. Stanton and Jack started to experiment. The experimentation process was very difficult until they found the perfect-tasting Irish whiskey. Then, they found a perfect consistency to the cream to float delicately on the surface of a drink. Their recipe was a real success and is very popular all around the world.

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